Integrated Marketing Association

MarTec Showcase

Thanks to the internet there has been an explosion in the number of marketing technologies (MarTec). To help you navigate through the martec landscape we have categorized each technology, added brief descriptions as well as links to their website and social profiles. It’s our goal to add online demonstrations of each technology, case studies and customer reviews which will be accessible 24/7. This will allow IMA members to watch as many online demos as possible at their leisure without having to schedule calls with each vendor. Let’s face it, if you wanted to evaluate five different martec companies, you will have to schedule five different meetings and you will be tossed into five different lead nurturing campaigns with five different call centers.

Are you a MarTec Vendor?

There is no fee to list your marketing technology company on the IMA MarTec Showcase. Simply become an IMA member (Free) and send Shawn Elledge an email and we will be glad to include your company.