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Integrated Marketing has never been more challenging

Thanks to the internet we now live in a world of instant, global communication which has made it very difficult for companies to execute successful integrated marketing campaigns and strategies. IMA offers a variety of consulting services designed to help you reach the multi-channel, multi-device consumer in both B2B and B2C markets while maintaining brand integrity.

IMA has recruited experts in every phase of marketing today from strategists to tacticians. Our goal is to help companies put the right people, processes, assets and technologies in place to execute effective integrated campaigns and strategies.

Our strength lies in our collective knowledge of industry thought leaders.

IMA offers a variety of consulting services:

  • Training Workshops – educate your staff on best practices on site, in person or online.
  • Health Assessments – evaluate your existing data, skill sets, processes, technologies and overall strategy
  • Executive advisory services – to help facilitate executive leadership to understand how the multi-channel, multi-device consumer is impacting your integrated marketing strategies
  • Coaching Services – to help your staff develop successful integrated marketing campaigns and strategies
  • Custom Research Projects – Armed with millions of contact records and experts in every industry we can provide you with unlimited research options for creating true thought leadership on any topic of your choice.

Our thought leaders have worked for or with every major brand in the world to start-ups and non-profits.

Please contact Shawn Elledge at Selledge@IntegratedMarketingAssociation dot org to discuss your needs.

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